Disability and Data in Education Programming: Considerations for Inclusion

A lone teacher stands before a large class of young children in school uniforms.

What is the role of data in ensuring the inclusion of learners with disabilities within education programs? Join IDP, School-to-School International, and Chemonics International on April 17th at 11:30 a.m. at the USAID Global Education Conference in Washington, DC, as we discuss and reflect on how monitoring and evaluation and data continue to shape education programming for learners with disabilities.  

This panel discussion will explore recent efforts and evidence to improve the quality of disability data in USAID-funded education programs with a focus on balancing the needs and priorities of education activities and the ultimate goal of screening leading to educational supports and services for children with disabilities. Discussants will reflect on what has been learned to date, how it fits program needs, and implications for the future. 

Panel members will include:

  • Valerie Karr, President and Co-founder, Inclusive Development Partners
  • Aimee Reeves, Senior Technical Advisor, School-to-School International
  • Rachel Chaikof, Senior Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Specialist, Chemonics International
Download the flyer for Disability and Data panel discussion. All information available in the flyer is also available on this web page; please link to this page to enable accessibility.
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