Photo credit: USAID Tajikistan

Donor: World Bank • Partner: Chemonics International •
July 2021 – August 2022

World Bank Tajikistan: Inclusive Education Initiative Innovations on Inclusive Learning Assessment Practices

IDP worked closely with the World Bank Headquarters (HQ) and Tajikistan Office to develop a groundbreaking global common-good tool to improve the inclusiveness and accessibility of learning assessments for all students with a particular focus on learners with disabilities, which IDP piloted in Tajikistan. This pilot was implemented in collaboration with Chemonics International’s USAID-funded Learning Together Activity (LTA), which will allow this pilot the potential to be scaled nationally.

This work included the production of a global guide on Universal Design for Assessment (UDA) implementation within low-and middle-income countries (LMICs), as well as a piloting an accessible early grade math assessment (EGMA) in Tajikistan. The findings from this pilot will be integrated into UDA Toolkit. IDP will engage various stakeholders throughout this process, including development partners, ministry officials, teachers, and disabled persons’ organizations (DPOs). IDP will share the UDA toolkit and the pilot results with the World Bank, our consortium partners, and collaborators to disseminate the knowledge generated and lessons learned on UDA implementation to track learning outcomes for learners with disabilities.

Project Highlights

  • Developing a Universal Design for Assessment (UDA) toolkit
  • Adapting two Early Grade Math Assessment (EGMA) subtests using the principles of UDA
Photo credit: USAID Tajikistan

Donor: USAID • Partner: Chemonics International •
October 2020 – December 2022

Learn Together Activity (LTA)

USAID’s  Learn Together Activity (LTA) is a five-year project that aims to improve Tajik primary students’ learning skills and focuses on improving reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, and mathematics. Tajikistan has free and compulsory basic education, with high enrollment and completion rates. However, the education system faces many challenges, including an insufficient budget, a lack of professional development opportunities for teachers, and outdated curricula and educational materials.

LTA addresses these challenges by partnering with the government of Tajikistan and the private sector to improve instruction, capacity, and materials. The project improves reading and mathematics instruction by providing professional development opportunities for teachers and increasing the quality of and access to supplemental educational materials. Committed to inclusivity and accessibility, the project focuses on regions with lower learning outcomes and ensures materials and instruction are accessible to all, including students with disabilities. The partnership with the government of Tajikistan ensures that the national education system innovates and nationalizes best practices such as effective teacher training and the distribution of learning materials. By improving instruction in reading and math, increasing the availability of instructional materials, and providing professional development for teachers, the project helps develop Tajik students’ skills in the classroom and beyond. IDP provides cross-cutting technical assistance related to social inclusion to ensure LTA materials, approaches, and deliverables incorporate international best practices to reach all audiences.

Project Highlights

  • Advised LTA on the inclusion portion of the Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) analysis methodology and report as well as supporting LTA’s work building capacity within a ministerial working group focused on inclusive education.
  • Trained LTA staff on UDL to ensure these principles are embedded into all project activities.