A core element of IDP’s mission is to promote professional practice and skills development related to disability inclusion. To achieve this aim, we design, deliver, and evaluate training activities. These training activities are multimodal in nature and include in-person workshops, remote and blended learning activities, and school-based coaching and support. Our training activities also span a diverse variety of thematic areas, including awareness-raising on the rights of persons with disabilities, inclusive education, inclusive teaching practices grounded in Universal Design for Learning and Response to Intervention frameworks, staff development workshops, and enumerator training activities related to data collection methodologies.  


Our audience for training activities is wide and has included:

  • Classroom teachers
  • Head teachers, school directors, and school administrators
  • District-level inspectors, education officials, and special education supervisors
  • National teacher trainers, university lecturers, and master trainers
  • Project staff teams
  • Persons with disabilities and their representative organizations
  • Government leaders 
  • Curriculum developers
  • University faculty and researchers
  • Non-governmental organizations

Our Projects in Training